About Us

About Us

What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of fashion jewellery? Is it the beautiful pieces that you have seen at your local store or those in photos of the latest in fashion being worn by models on the ramps in Milan and Paris? Whatever might be your thoughts on it, there is no doubt that not only is jewellery works of art, it requires an equally creative mind to exactly match them with dress and makeup.

However, while jewellery is an extremely common thing, information on it is not so easily available. You will get bits and pieces of information and news and even trivia on pages of some fashion magazines or see them in publicity materials of retail chains. But rarely will you get one comprehensive source that is devoted exclusively to fashion jewellery.

This is where our blog site myimpressiongift.com can be of immense help to you. We are a blog spot that caters exclusively to fashion jewellery. Given the width and depth of scope of this subject however, it is almost impossible to have a meaningful site without contributions from bloggers.

This is why we invite write-ups from people who have a great depth of knowledge on fashion jewellery. It may be about designing fashion jewellery or the latest trends prevailing across the world. We also welcome blogs that go beyond the past to tell our readers something on the evolution of jewellery over time and then going on to how the modern avatar of fashion jewellery has come into vogue.

There can be suggestions galore from us to potential bloggers contributing to our site. But that would be restricting the choice of topics. We do not want to do that. Bloggers are welcome to choose any topic to be published on our site so long as it pertains to the niche of fashion jewellery.