Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring for most men can be an overwhelming experience, probably matched only by the jitters of the wedding day. It is natural that there will be tremendous pressure on you to get it right and choose the perfect engagement ring. After all, it is a token of your love and affection and your desire to take the relationship to a new level. Further, you have to keep in mind that your fiancée will want to show off the ring to her friends and family and hence the band should have an aura of exclusivity about it.

To help you make a decision, here is a guide to buying the perfect engagement ring.

Fix your budget

Have a budget in mind before you step into the jewellery store. You can then narrow down your search within a price range. It will also help the jeweller to show you suitable pieces. For instance, a top of the line store like Australian Diamond Company in Melbourne will have an exquisite collection of engagement rings in all price brackets which can be seen at To filter your search from such a vast collection you have to have a specific budget that you want to spend.

Know her ring size

If you are planning a surprise gift, you should have a fair idea of her ring size. Just imagine the embarrassment when you go down on your knees and pop the question, but when you try to slide the ring in her finger, it does not fit. You can, of course, take the ring back to the jeweller to have it adjusted, but the element of surprise will be gone. Try to find out her ring size discreetly by taking a ring from her jewellery box that she isn’t wearing or asking one of her friends to help you out in this regard.

Know her style

Most women dream from the childhood of the type of engagement ring that they would like to have and if you can get one that matches that your romance will get some bonus points for sure. When you are with her, look carefully at the jewellery she is wearing and the styles she prefers. Does she usually wear gold or is it silver or platinum? Does she like gorgeous, eye-catching pieces or are her tastes more towards minimalistic designs? Does she want to wear her birthstone more than diamonds?

Her personality will also give you a hint of the type of ring that she would prefer. Go for a ring that dazzles and sparkles if she is the extrovert and outgoing types. She will then want to show off her ring to her friends. For the more earthy and quiet woman, a design that is simple yet beautiful will be perfect.

Selecting the ring

Based on all these variables, you have to go about choosing the ring. First the band – you can choose from yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver or platinum. Each has its pros and cons. For example, platinum is harder than gold and is more durable, but it also dulls faster and is difficult to restore to its original lustre. Selecting the diamond shape is not easy too because of the range of cuts available. The most common is the round stones, but the heart, pear and oval shaped diamonds are beautiful also.

Keep one thing in mind when you splurge on an engagement ring. It is a show of love and affection and what is important is the thought behind buying one that truly matters. The price of the ring has got nothing to do with these aspects.

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